How Much Does It Cost To Hang My Lights?

If you have never had a professional Christmas Lighting company decorator your home for the holidays, you probably are wondering what it cost to have lights and decorations hung. The answer depends on who you hire! If you hire your landscaper (who’s never hung lights before) or a few local hungry college students, you could probably get away with spending a few hundred dollars but will most likely leave you with a headache and a little stressed. If you do not mind making several trips to Walmart and Home Depot, spending 1-2 Saturdays supervising and crossing your fingers hoping that your lights don’t blow a fuse, hiring people who have never decorated a home is just fine!

Ah! But what does it cost to have a professional hang my lights is the question you should be asking yourself! If you’d rather be drinking a hot cup of cocoa inside and have the convenience of just watching us do all the work, I think you’ll find our pricing very charming! Christmas Decor by Hallco prices each job a la carte! You will have a brief meeting with one of our Christmas designers who will discuss all the endless possibilities. Our designers are very creative and will guide you through the process of selecting a beautiful display of lights and daytime decor that will cause jealousy to be aroused in your neighbor’s hearts when they see your home!

The cost depends completely on you! Most of our clients spend a minimum of $2,800 the first year, but if that is not in the budget, you can get a beautiful lit wreath and a few lights hung for $500-800. We have some customers who enjoy lighting up their roof, fascia, trees, ground and finishing it off with daytime decor. These clients will typically spend over $4,500.

So keep in mind what you would like to spend but with an open mind. We think you’ll find our service, quality, products and creativity to be well worth the cost!


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